I want to seduce my ex bully


10 months ago

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Hi, as you saw in title I want to seduce my ex bully. He is a 24 years old Saudi Arabian male who gave me the most humiliating and degrading experiences just because I am gay. The reason I want to seduce him is that I know for sure that he always had interest in me, one of his good friend had big fight with him and I was there for that friend since I knew him better (the bully bullied him), and the friend said to me out of anger: "He does not deserve to hang out with you, behind your back he talked s!* t about you, he said your jaw must be tired after all that cxxk s?cking you do, he pretends to give you food but he actually spat on them before give it to you, he proudly said that he will rxxe that fxx (me) if you are alone in the house!" Now, I am an international student who used to live with a host family with both of them (those who lived with host family will understand how horrible it is). Both of them are from Saudi Arabia and they used to be very close so that other guy knew all that horrible plans that bully had for me. Since I was only 17 I could not move out until I became 18, till then I had to live with the bully (constantly harassed by him and the house owner since they were very close). And I swore I will give the same humiliation to him. I swore I won't be the victim. Like 20 mins ago I contacted him through messanger, since the name and everything is different he has no idea that it's me. And I know it sounds like the stupidest idea ever but I want to sleep with him, I want him to sleep with that (fxx) he hated so much, I want him to feel that he too is a secret fxx and is no better than me. Why am I such an idiot? Why can't I just move on? I am still very afraid of him. Please tell me about your opinion.


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