The El Paso, TX shooting “hero”


4 months ago

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This tragedy has been bothering me immensely. To add fuel to the fire it’s even worse to see an individual manipulating a devastating situation for his own personal gain. I need to vent this frustration. Glendon Oakley, the man being praised as the hero that saved children from the shooting that occurred in El Paso a few days ago is a fraud. He’s milking this entire situation. He didn’t come into harms way. He wasn’t even in immediate or direct danger. He wasn’t even at the shooting. As a matter of fact, he was in a complete different building, across the street from the shooting, a mile away. He keeps changing his stories. They’re no longer adding up. He’s getting praise on different news stations, websites, social media platforms. Praise all from people that don’t even know what really happened that morning. Clueless people believing the lies that this man is feeding the news outlets. He’s been spreading nothing but lies from the get. Tweeting that there was four shooters in the mall, when there was no shooting at the mall. Not even one shooter there, let alone four. Then, an hour after the shooting occurred, he allowed a news reporter to interview him. This is where it all started. This is where he professed himself as a hero. He stood there and told the reporter that he attempted to rescue kids inside of the mall. Rescue them from what, exactly? The evacuation that the police department was conducting at the mall, a mile away from the shooting, because they didn’t want anyone in any of the establishments and buildings that were within a few miles of the shooting? Oh, please. After getting praise from the news reporter, he took to Twitter to profess himself as a hero to everyone on there, while simultaneously condemning the other shoppers that were inside of the mall with him. He called them cowards and selfish for not running to “rescue kids with him.” Again, there was no rescuing needed. Many people that were in the mall with him are coming forward and saying this too. To make it even worse, he tweeted this not even an hour after the shooting happened down the street at Walmart. He didn’t waste any time. He’s just a guy looking for praise and his 15 minutes of fame. I hope a lot of you don’t fall into believing everything you read online. The real hero that should be praised is Gilbert Serna: the Walmart employee that escorted over 100 customers out of the Walmart through a backdoor to safety. Instead of running and solely saving himself, he took the time to lock over 100 customers inside of a large storage trailer so they would remain safe out of harms way. I bet you haven’t heard of him, have you? Because he’s not reaching out to news stations and praising himself on Twitter and Facebook like Glendon Oakley is doing for himself. Gilbert Serna is a genuinely caring man. He is a true hero. Not a self-proclaimed attention-seeking “hero.”


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