I was called “Donkey” for a month by my own Father for failing college at age 16


10 months ago

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At **15** I enrolled in a program to enter **college** in *Computer Science*, the program aimed at 15/16 year olds who had excellence in there high-school studies. I enrolled and passed the first exam and out of 200 person I along 20 other people were picked . *Long story short* ; I couldn’t handle the pressure of both my high-school and my college, and **I failed** my course in college. My father was never close to me , but he would maybe once or twice a month start a conversation with me about college and I never mentioned it was hard (nor easy) , so i guess he thought I was handling it . After he got the news that I failed my exam and won’t continue college, he started calling me **“Donkey”** (as a reference for me being dumb) , it started sarcastically but when I looked at him he clearly showed some sort of jealousy/hatred in a way I can’t compose to words . It continued for a month while it progressed to him calling me “Donkey” in an Ironic way . Don’t know how it stopped but until maybe 19 i don’t remember much of him talking to me . I’m 20 now and we occasionally talk about politics and normal stuff , I can’t fully decide if he’s a changed man because he clearly have and does oppress his feelings from time to time , and I’m rarely at home as well .. I just wanted to let this out of my head


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