I put my heart to the wrong people


9 months ago

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I wish I had never been so silly to fall for this surgeon and I think that its got nothing to do with the fact that that I was assaulted by another man that made me fall for this guy. I wanted to believe he would support me and love me and believe me and be on my side and I don't think he can. It has nothing to do with the other loser and I doubt they know each other. Well if they do its a seperate issue for me. I just think I made a mistake putting blind faith in this surgeon at the time and he seemed genuine but still something in his date web and account didn't seem right and I just have to move on and see it as lucky miss on both men. I have fallen in love a few times to be honest and I don't feel comfortable each time yet and I will know when I am ready to move on from this hurt and I don't want them setting me up with stupid men talking silly contacting me with silly stuff and excuses. I am there aunty not their bucket of chunder spew.


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