I'm a socially anxious, autistic psychologist


10 months ago

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I've been working for two years now and each time I see a client, I get anxious and feel bad for them having to put up with me. When I started my psychology studies, I figured I would either learn how to deal with my anxiety or get kicked out when they noticed I wasn't suitable for this kind of work. Neither of these happened and now I have a job that leaves me feeling stressed and scared each working day. This has been manageable so far, since up til now, my work has only consisted of psychodiagnostic assessments. This has allowed me to catch my breath after each appointment, since I get 2 appointments a day at most. However, my boss has asked me to start giving therapy in the coming months, and it scares the shit out of me. I haven't told her anything about my mental health issues, and am afraid I'd get fired if I did. I feel like such a failure.


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