NOW you gamers care about politics?


a year ago

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Just a few days ago, I was browsing a forum that argued that gaming must remain apolitical and should be a distraction from the real world, and anyone who tries to "bring in politics" must shut up and not use any medium whatsoever to vent. Even when they're suffering directly from the issues. But now that games are being scapegoating for mass shootings *again*, you gamers suddenly are starting to speak up about what you previously deemed as "political"?! I can only imagine the same idiots who were complaining about the existence of trans character while also waxing nostalgically about "man dominated" games are now crapping their pants now that the GOP is targeting them. And I'm appalled they decided to go the way of the "And They Came For Me" poem where they never speak up for issues that don't directly impact them until it does. I don't expect you to be 24/7 Samaritans, but I expect you to be aware that we're all ants to the tyrants in power who will gladly dispose of us while we turn our backs!


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