Happy birthday


11 months ago

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Today’s your birthday. I’ve seen you every birthday except 18th. You’re probably 23 or 24 now. This is my first year not invited which sucks. I was debating texting you but you’re seemingly happy in your life and you really don’t care if I’m part of it or not. We can sit here and pretend like I was crazy for hanging on, but to be fair, you gave me reason. Telling me “our friendship played an instrumental role in my life,” and how much you cherish it but do nothing to keep it. Honestly when I stopped being convenient you stopped being my friend. I’d like to say I remember it fondly, but you were a bratty teenager who has yet to come into herself. Seems like you are getting there but if I could offer a piece of advice... your “friends” have done horrible things to you but because they are “cool” and rocking with your goth girl aesthetic, they can roll with you. They are bad company. When we were still friends and you told be you tried cocaine and went on some binge for days with these friends, I lost so much respect for you. I’m glad that it seems like you are doing well in school. I remember when you were maybe 17 you would bring home good marks on your test and not say anything about it. I’d always make a big deal. I was so proud and knew your were smart and constantly told you to go to college. Honestly, I’m at peace with where things are and I wasn’t for such a long time. I was so hurt, it may have been my first “heart break” if you will. But you kept insisting it was okay and that friends naturally drift apart. Why should I accept that? You were the closest friend I ever had, and we were inseparable. Together everyday, and now we speak a few times a year. I don’t know why you bother throwing me that pity text honestly. I’m over it. The past is the past, and you are someone who is notorious for getting extremely close to people, but when someone better comes along you break it off. It’s something I noticed about 2 months into our friendship, so I knew my day would come too. Please surround yourself with people who have real ambitions and lift you up, not just who you can gain likes from. Anyways, I actually do hope you have a good day.


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