Struggling with Insecurities


a year ago

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It's the summer, which basically boils down to it being the season of music festivals. I recently worked at a festival where I immediately noticed a cute person who kept passing by. As I deal with low self-esteem and insecurities I was really surprised when they came up to me and introduced themselves. I was so flustered, however, that I think I might've come off as stand-offish. After I saw them leave I kept mentally kicking myself for not being more open. As they told me their name, I did find them on Facebook, but I'm too shy to send them a friend request. Part of me believes they were just being friendly (nothing indicated they were trying to be flirty) and me trying to befriend them would be incredibly awkward. It's not within my habit to send strangers messages on FB (kinda creepy, let's be real), but I keep replaying the moment in my head and getting annoyed at myself.


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