How do i reject someone like this? The only reason i would consider is....


11 months ago

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I have an ex that i dated for barely a month and he chased me for about 3 months. The reason we broke up was because he asked me for $1000 because he needed to help his friend get out of trouble and he would not return the $1000. I barely have a $1000 as a student, I'm 16 years old. So I said sorry and that i couldnt help. In actual fact, he was asking for the money so that he could treat his friends because he is one of the big gang members and they usually treat their friends to alcohol etc. He was also always trying to get me to have sex with him but i dont want to lose to someone i wouldnt last long with. Recently he contacted me again and we've been talking for barely 3 days and he's asking if we should get back together. I would even consider getting back with him because I have a higher sex drive and tbh i miss making out with someone etc but i still wont lose my virginity to him. Whenever we used to fight, he would blame it on me. So how do i reject him? I still want to be friends with him but im scared that he wont take the rejection nicely.


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