My dad is such a weak pushover, and the whole family is mad about it.


a year ago

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And no, this isn’t just a matter of filial piety or anything anymore, he is literally at the beck and call of my aunt/s (there’s actually more than one, even his own aunts, but it’s mostly this one older sister of his). He thinks the world of her, despite her being a failure as a person. She can’t do anything right. She let her health go bad, her career go awry, then now she depends a lot on my dad because even my Nanna is bedridden. (As for my Nanna I understand. But my aunt who ruined her own life and now leeches off my dad? No. Just no.) Anyway the thing is, he always goes along with everything my aunt says and wants. Everything. He once gave up his own career to “help the family,” and fast forward some years later he almost got jailed for it because his name got dragged into a business problem that isn’t his fault to begin with. Yet it seems like he hasn’t learned his lesson AT ALL. Mom is trying to talk sense into him, us children (adults! we’re adults!) are doing the same, but it’s like he doesn’t value our opinions. It’s as if he cares more about his sister than us, even if it’s already ruining his life. I hate it so much. Why can’t he grow a spine? Not even my mom has him wrapped around her little finger like this, because we’re all reasonable people. We believe in having our own opinions about things, in actually having a spine. Yet here he is, letting my aunt control his life. She is actually already at the point where she’s throwing her weight (literally) around, and he’s still okay with it? Doesn’t he see something’s very wrong? God.


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