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a year ago

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I'm underage ( >16 ) and honestly I really want some older dude to come along and fuck me, like, it's a horrible thought. Disgusting, just.. bad. But it's so overbearing, I've even found myself on sites like Omegle or apps like Grindr to find someone willing to sext with, even lying about my age to get it, and I even did once, the man never knew my real age and afterward we parted ways, and I never felt worse for anything ever in my whole life. It only really happens when I'm 'in the mood' but it's just awful. I hate having these thoughts, but at the same time it seems so fun and normal when I'm having them. I'm afraid one day I'll get carried away and put myself out there, again, for the world, and.. people who would actually be willing to come find and rape, abuse, or hurt me. I'm doing my best to avoid masturbating at all now, just to avoid these sort of thoughts. Does anyone have any similar experiences or any good pieces of advice..? Please don't harass me, this was extremely hard to confess too and god knows I can't tell family or friends.


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