a year ago

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I was really bored one day and posted one of those low effort requests on Snapchat asking people to ask 3 questions and one of my friends responded with are you gay and two other irrelevant questions. I told him I was most likely bi, we had a conversation and he told me he was bi-curious and not to tell a single soul because it was under wraps and the fact that he saw me as cute while at a camp that we signed up as cabin leaders for the middle school provided by the highschool. He asked me if I wanted to "hook up", I have never been in a relationship at all at this point or even had someone show interest in me but I wanted to be safe and say no because it felt weird for me to be his experiment to see if he was gay and because I would want to be in a actual relationship nor have I actually come out as bisexual. This was a couple months ago but thinking about it now I am very sad because he was very very attractive, tall (in comparison to me 6'2) skinny black guy with short hair. Now I can only think about is that I should of done it just because of how attractive he was, and that's not to say he didn't have an amazing personality, he was a very sweet guy.


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