I feel done. [NSFW] (I think)


11 months ago

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I get I'm only 19. I don't really care how impossible people think it is for me to depressed and young. I don't really want to hear people's opinions on my perspective on life. No, I do not value a "Fuck The World" concept. The things I value are different and I try to be more fulfilling. I get that other people have gone through worse before. I've met them and shared 100 card games with them in a mental hospital. Spent days on end with them. Don't tell me I don't need medicine for my Bipolar disorder like you understand what that shit is like. Don't tell me its all meditation. What its like to have thought about hurting people. Dreamed about that dark shit and loathed yourself days on end for it. Rotting in the capsule of your room trashing it. Don't tell me that. Yes, i do miss being able to have a secure place to live. But my mother sold her home and moved to mexico before I had the chance to tell her i needed to drop out and a place to stay. I had to figure this shit out with my only support from my older sister who I love dearly who has to leave to a better place soon. I'm on the brink of losing my job which pays my rent and loans from something I didn't get to finish because I fell behind due to an overload of "thats life for ya" and was taken to a hospital after the cops were searching all campus looking for you afraid you've committed suicide. So don't give this guy shit who's trying to baby you into buying the car battery that you need anyway with a free installation for your bullshit vehicle. Don't turn into some asshole when I try to sell you something for 1 fucking dollar to protect 3$ shit spark plugs and decline it like a rude piece of shit even though my hours depend on those sales. No i don't "make 13 dollars an hour anyway". I make 675$ every two weeks. I'm sorry not sorry we don't have your car part, but we got 20 people in line and you're over here rantimg about us not having something stock. Go try O'Rielly. I don't need to hear it. (Given. more than half these customers are baby boomers for their '85 Camaro) Others are just broke millennials who spent a little too much on weed last week Moral of the story, don't give people shit because of an inconvenience. I don't resort to that even with what I've been through. I smile through that shit and laugh it off with the cashier at Wal-Mart for example. Don't give people your bullshit. You don't know who the fuck you're speaking to and that amount of respect applies to every single human being on earth.


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