My mom is an addict


11 months ago

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My(F23) mom(F57) is currently residing in the nursing home I work. I refuse to let her live with me because of years of trauma and abuse. My mom left the nh sometime Saturday and never signed out, prompting an investigation from the nursing home, resulting in a missing persons report and lots of stress on my part. She returned from her 3 day adventure high and was sent to the emergency room within 3 hours of returning. She is currently on a methadone program, and had tons of support from me, emotional and financial. My confession is that I don't want to let her return to my work place. I will be talking with social services to see if I have the power to prevent her from returning. I really want to tell the nursing home to let her rot and discharge back to the streets from the hospital, unless she goes to treatment and actively tries to better her life. I've finally hit my breaking point. I don't want to continue to support her. Does this make me an awful daughter? Does anyone have any advice on how I should move past this, because right now I'm royally pissed, hurt and disappointed.


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