My neighbour and I are fighting


11 months ago

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My neighbour and I could get along ever since i moved in the appartment a year ago. I kept the door open when his bikes went through, told his wife a good day, for the rest we didn't say anything. He rents his place, i own mine. Last general meeting (a meeting where all matter of things about the appartment get discussed amongst the owners) someone complained that my neighbour's bikes are damaging the walls. I didn't pay attention at that point, because i don't care. All i said was that the painter did a bad job, there's paint on the emergency exits, lighting, ... there wasn't even a vote for it. Someone told my neighbour that I approved that nobody get's to carry bikes up stairs anymore. Now my neighbour is furious and won't change mind that i in fact did that. I however did not, i spoke him on several occasions but whatever i try to think of to convince him i didn't... he just takes my words and changes it to his liking so it approves to his wrongfully theory. I already contacted the Syndicus (person who carries out all changes agreed upon in the meeting) to handle this matter. Nothing good out of that, somehow he also sees that as a bad thing. He told me with a red face, full of anger not to do anything behind his back anymore. he doesn't wish to talk to me anymore. So, to prove my innocence once more i've send all owners of the appartment a mail voting that everyone can carry bikes up the stairs/use the elvator. I already approved, everyone is allowed to do that. However, it still doesn't feel right. I keep blaming myself i'm doing something wrong. ​ What do i need to do in order to prove my innocence?


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