i got married


a year ago

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i’m not really sure how to talk about this. it’s a choice i made for myself and my husband because we want to start our future together. we’re young and in love. i recently moved far away from home to get a fresh start on my life starting my 20’s. we’re both young, but we are sure this is something we wanted to do, despite only knowing each other less than a year. i know it sounds crazy. it’s hard to explain to adults, so i’m choosing not to. i recently told my parents that we’re moving in together and i’m not getting their support. it’s really hard for me because i really value their opinion. hearing that they are doubting my decision is making this all really hard for me. i’m supposed to go visit home next month and now i dont even want to. i dont want to be under their scrutiny and judgement the entire time because it’s going to ruin getting to see them. even though they have made it clear to me that this is my life and i get to decide things for myself, they still constantly talk to me about how they think us moving in together is a horrible idea because i’m trapped in a year long lease and have no idea what could happen. my take on it is it’s only one year, not my whole life. i have a savings and i have lots of friends here. i have options out if this goes wrong. it’s not something i want to think about, but i know divorce is an option. me and him both acknowledge that we slightly rushed into things, but we’re so glad we’re doing all of this together. TLDR; my parents don’t approve of me moving in with my boyfriend, and now i dont want to tell them i’m married


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