I was married and straight and this older man turned me


a year ago

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He got me to cross dress for him I sucked him and he fucked me and he got me to fall in love with him and leave my wife for him. Things were great we made love every night he got his wake up blow job every morning, then he wanted to have a friend with us he fucked me as I sucked him. Then another guy then another, then he started fucking a younger guy and made me watch. He had guys Gangbang Me he would night come home for days and one day I got home from work and all his stuff was gone. I found put where he was and I asked him to come home I told him how much I loved him. But he called me a whore a slut he said I’m a used up faggot bitch. Two months later I’m with my new man he is half black he is very good to me and he is a great lover. Now my ex finds out and he asked to see me we talked and he wants me back. After our talk he had us park at a park we walked down the hill and he fucked me, I’m very happy with my new man but I love my ex so much. I have been to his place and we have sex. I just don’t know what to do.


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