My boyfriend tricked mean


a year ago

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Two weeks ago, I asked my boyfriend how he would feel about me officially moving in. Although I have my own apartment, I have spent every night of the past several months at his. Even though we had briefly discussed it before, he didn’t react well this time. He seemed nervous, unsure, and very hesitant. I dropped it and told him that I was happy with how things were and that there was no pressure. He asked for some time to think about it. A week later, I brought it up again. He was still hesitant, so I again reassured him that I was happy with the current state of our relationship and that I was not going to pressure him. He asked for more time to think. In the days that followed, I decided to not bring it up again in fear of making him feel pressured or otherwise obligated. Yesterday, we celebrated half Valentine’s Day (two days early, I know). We had been discussing celebrating this made-up holiday for over a month now, so we were both really excited. He got me a few presents and a card, but the card said to open it last. In the card, he told me to get out of my lease and move in with him, he’s ready. It was the sweetest thing I have ever experienced, and I cried like a baby. I love him (and his tricks) so much.


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