When i was 9


a year ago

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My uncle made home movies, i liked play acting n getting dressed up to do acting. Then once he said i was doing a morning sceen and he filmed me on the bed naked. From here he started doing sceens with me nude, then he started kissing and licking my pussy. I loved the attention and it felt good and he said its what they do in hollywood. Then when i was 10 he had me lay naked with my legs spread wide and he put oil on my legs and pussy, then he got on me and slowly shoved his hard cock in my bald pussy. I had sucked it a lot of times but this time i watched as he slid it in all oiled up. It hurt a little but then he pushed it in and out slow and it felt great. He cum inside, after that he put it in my pussy a lot. He fucked me and made movies till i was 13 then he died in a motorcycle crash. When i turned 18 i got a letter from a lawyer that said he left me $275,000.00 Im sure its from selling my kiddy porn. Thanks uncle bill i loved it all


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