People who can't accept that you don't like/want children


a year ago

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I'm very annoyed about the fact that some people, especially the older co-workers at my company, just can't wrap their head around the fact that some people just hate being around children and know they will never want to have them. Whenever this topic comes up in a conversation, there is guaranteed to be at least one person who says something along the lines of "When you find the right person, you'll change your mind". **No, I fucking won't change my mind.** I am 25 years old and have hated kids for all my life, even back when I was one myself. I have seen how my younger siblings behaved when they were kids, hell, I even remember how I behaved myself. Not that we were bad kids, but there are just so many moments where kids are nothing but a pain in the ass, and I know for a fact that I would not be able to handle that peacefully. If I ever find the right person, then that person will not want any kids either. Otherwise they are NOT the right person. Furthermore, I think it is a very shitty idea to have children when you know that you would be easily annoyed and probably end up yelling at them whenever they piss you off. Does not make for a good parent and would suck for both, the parent and the kid. Just because YOU enjoyed having children and are happy to have them doesn't mean everyone else does, too. Stop shoving your beliefs in other people's throats. Btw, having children is pretty personal and I don't think that it belongs in the workplace anyway, at all. If you love children so much then go ahead and make some more, but don't annoy me about it. End of the rant, thanks for listening.


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