I almost died of alcohol poisoning and then lied about it


a year ago

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I almost died of alcohol poisoning last weekend. I was in a party with some friends. In barely 2 hours I drank a whole bottle of gin by myself. Besides the alcohol I also consumed 2gr of weed and some ecstasy (unsure about the quantity.) I wasn't feeling bad or unwell but suddenly I started feeling weird. Not bad. Just weird. I decided to leave the party just in case I got worse. I didn't tell anyone, I just left. While I was waiting for the bus to come I started to feel really bad. I couldn't even stand on my feet and everything seemed to spin around me. Then I passed out. Things get a little dark up from this point because I really don't remember much. I remember looking up to the sky. Throwing up. A crowd of people looking down on me. An ambulance coming. Me being carried to the hospital. More throwing up. Here is where the lies begin. As I was being taken to the hospital I realised what was happening. I knew that they would call my parents if I told them I am underage so I hid my ID in my shoe. (I am 17, in my country the legal age of adulthood is 18.) Luckily I look older. When asked about it, I gave them a fake name, fake adress, fake details about myself...When asked if there was someone they could call I told them that all my friends were as drunk as I was (which was probably true), that I was living alone and that no one could pick me up. I told them I had no money for a taxi and that I had to walk home. The medics injected me with some adrenaline, vitamines and other drugs and just let me go. No question asked. When my friends asked about what happened to me, I told them I was just fucking with some girl I met. I actually feel horrible about what I did and I needed to talk about it, even if it's just on some random internet page.


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