I'm a horrible person.


a year ago

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I don't give a shit about people. I have some humans who I truly care for, but everyone else can fuck off and die. I care more about animals than I do humans. I lie. I lie a lot, and I'm really fucking good at it. I wouldn't hesitate to lie to someone's face as long as it gained me. I'm extremely manipulative too. As long as I get what I want I don't care. Frankly, I'm always one step ahead of everyone. My last boyfriend tried to manipulate me into fucking him. It was pathetic. He was a sociopath and used to brag about how he could manipulate people and when it came into action it was so fucking bad. I'm starting to ramble, let me get back on track. I strongly suspect I'm a compulsive liar, which is pretty sad. The thing is that I know how to get people to fucking love me. Everyone sees me as a nice, sweet girl. It's pretty funny honestly, because I'm obviously not that. This is kind of hard to write, because I haven't been this honest in years and I feel the need to lie. Oh well, I've lied about some fucking major events to my boyfriend, such as being sexually assaulted and about physical abuse from both my parents. FYI the physical abuse actually did happen, just not to the extent I told him and I faked some situations. Simply put I'm terrible. Thanks for reading\~


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