Scared to go to college and leave my fam and boyfriend


a year ago

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I used to be so excited to move into my college (4 hours from home) but for some reason everything just got awesome and peachy 6 months before my move in. I finally got a boyfriend and I do love him, but i’m scared we won’t last long distance. I’m also scared to leave my family, we’re finally all getting along perfectly. I don’t know why i’m so anxious about all of this. I used to do good with changes, but for some reason this one is hitting me hard. There’s a lot of big changes and I just don’t know if i’ll be able to handle them good. I’m rooming with my best friend so that’s a plus, we’re both kinda sorta in the same boat. I don’t know, i’m just really stressed out and sad. I’m leaving everything behind when i’m finally happy and it sucks. I have 2 more days and i’m not ready.


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