mother in law


a year ago

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My MIL lost her driver license temporary due to her drinking. She is single working at a law firm, she dressed very nicely to work. I have no choice but to give her a ride to and from work on my way to my workplace. I said to her one morning she was looking hot seeing her get me arouse every day. She said thank you, she will repay me for what I am doing. She called me over one weekend telling her daughter she had broken toilet and water is every where. When I got there she open the door with just her silk robe on guided me to the bedroom pretend to show me the leaking toilet. I was surprise she drop her robe as soon as we walk into her bedroom. She said the toilet is fine she just wanted me to come over for some fun. I said is this how you repay me and she shook her head. Well you all guessed what happen next. One thing I can say is she is a lot better in bed than my wife. We keep this as a secret for months even when she got her license back we still do it.


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