I cheated on my wife with a guy


a year ago

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Hey everyone I was out at a party the other night and we were all drinking quite a bit. I’m married but my wife wasn’t with me at the time. This guy offered me some Molly and I hadn’t ever done that before but for whatever reason I said sure. We were in his room and as it started kicking in he started touching me and eventually started blowing me. He wanted me to blow him which I wasn’t really opposed too. I’d never tried it before and I had been curious but never thought I would actually do it. That part was fun but then he wanted me to fuck him and I’m not a fan of anal so I kind of mumbled no thank you. Then he said alright then he’s gonna fuck me and I told him I’m not really in the mood but he went for it anyway. We did that for a while and then I just told him I had to go. I don’t think he finished. I’m kind of freaking out now because I’ve never cheated on my wife and we didn’t use protection. I’m obviously gonna tell her about it I just feel so stupid for drinking too much and doing all that. My throat has been a little sore and I felt like I was getting sick but it’s getting better so I’m hoping I didn’t catch anything. Idk what to do though. I just feel horrible.


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