I experienced way too much way too early and now I am lost.


11 months ago

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I traveled the world with my dad when I was very young and experienced things no one else will ever get to. After I moved out I was cut off financially which is completely normal and understandable I would never expect anyone to support me but I have traveled everywhere and done so much and I am only 26. ​ Now I work in an average job that pays average money. I have enough to pay my bills and save a little bit in my savings for emergencies. The part that's killing me is I know in my current situation I will never be able to continue that great life I used to have. I am the head of a department which means I will never move up, and my salary was a transfer from a company that got bought which I know is already too high so I won't be making more money within the foreseeable future here. My degree is in CJ but I love to smoke weed too much to dull the pain of my average existence so finding a new job opportunity that will pay the same to maintain my current lifestyle is impossible. I just go to work, come home, watch TV, then go to sleep and repeat. It's become such a routine that I have considered just ditching it all and becoming a traveling homeless person or honestly sometimes just driving my car into a wall. ​ The part that sucks is that I have a fiance and 3 dogs and my parents. I know that me leaving would kill them but at what point am I ever going to escape from the average mediocre prison that I live in?


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